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hello, newbie.. 
01:03am 31/01/2007
  I have a Pueblan Milksnake that is about a year and a half old. A few weeks ago he managed to place himself on the lip of the lid and get a part of himself within burning distance from the basking lamp. I cleaned with betadone twice daily then put Bag Balm on the burn. He shed two days after the burn and even with the blisters, it was a good clean shed.

Now I am noticing scales are falling off individually. His skin is darker than normal but it is close to when he would normally start "going blue" just before the eyes turn. But I am worried because is there a possibility that some internal infection has happened from the burn? I kept him on paper towels during treatment (which I stopped tonight) and also noticed his feces had more of a greenish tint to it.. Am I over reacting and his skin could just be super oily from the bag balm as with his feces being different coloured by the betadine possibly seeping inside...

Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks.
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03:13pm 29/12/2006
  I'm new to this community. And snakes as well. 
I've always had garter snakes and the little ones. But lately I'm really interested in getting a kingsnake.
And I'd really like to know all I can before I go out and get one. I read up some stuff about the temperature of their cage and often to feed them. But I feel like that isn't enough. And if you could house a male and a female together. I thought they'd eat eachother, but it didn't say anywhere.  So I'd really appreciate anything you all think I should know about king snakes.
King snakes 
09:23am 02/11/2006
  So, I was out looking for kittens last week, and while I was at the pet store I saw one of the most beautiful snakes ever. He was a black mexican king snake. So, now I'm determined to get one, but before I do I was wondering what the people of this community that have them think of them? Are they people friendly, easy to take care of, etc. I plan on researching them a lot more before I go out and buy one, but I always like to know what people think from personal experience.

In case anyone is wondering, I've already got one snake currently (she's a young corn) and I have no intentions on housing them in the same tank.

Also, I'm new :D
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Cali-king gone barmy 
10:21pm 29/10/2006
  I despiratly need advice on a recent change in my cali king snakes behavior, quite resently on and off, about 2 to 3 weeks ago i noticed my snake would suddenly dart across his cage for no appernt reason sending the fixtures flying all directions as well as that his started to bite at him self quite randomly and never in the same place.

hes about 6foot now and at least 7 years old, hes healthy and has no appernt skin problems or any other that can be clearly seen,
his cage about 5 by 2 foot and is filled with fine sawdust, as well as plenty of places for him to hide under.

as i said this recent change in behavoir is quite sudden and ive never seen him do before since ive had him, can anyone shed some light on this problem for me ???
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07:30pm 28/08/2006
  Hi- I'm not sure if this is the correct community for this, but I was wondering if I could get some help with an identification. I have a tentative id of a coachwhip snake. I don't know what family they are in, so I don't know if he/she belongs here or not. I found him/her in my garage this weekend. I live in NW Arizona. pictures hereCollapse )  
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08:49pm 02/07/2006
  Hey there.

I've been thinking about getting a king snake as a pet. I've never owned a snake before, but I was doing some research and it said king snakes were fairly suitable for new owners. I was just wondering if anyone had a second opinion, or advice or anything.

Well, thanks ya'll!
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05:36pm 24/06/2006

Do you like things that slither... and are cute? Then come on down to snakepictures!

mods: if this isn't allowed, delete this post. I didn't see anything on the info page saying it's a no-no or not. :)
12:17pm 18/03/2006
  Some people are afraid of snakes.
Some people are scared of albino things.

But holy hell. Put them together, and you get the cutest thing EVAR.(dialup warning)Collapse )
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07:53pm 02/11/2005
  hellow sanke fans

i am a student at writtle collega dn i have to do an assignment on excostic animals
ive chosen to do a milk snake coz they are harmless i think

i dont know anything else...

so please please please can you help me out and tell me EVERYTHING i need to know where in the world its from what terrian its used to what it eats what size cage dosn it need what lamp volt does it use what substrate is best

anywthing and everything

so pllllllllllease help me

note how i havent got reptiles...im not really into them...but i like them they are cool and expensive

happy snakeing

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02:21am 31/07/2005
  You guys won't believe this. My little milksnake, Miki, has managed to escape AGAIN. Yes, AGAIN. I am completely baffled. In case anyone has forgotten, I wrote in about a month ago or so about my escaped milksnake. And now, she has done it again. Well....she should be getting hungry soon. I hope she's ok.  
11:50am 25/07/2005
  i just got a baby florida Kingsnake, (12") and the people at the pet store told me to feed it crickets, but when i was reading about kingsnakes online it said that even hatchlings eat pinky's. he also wont eat the crickets that i try feeding him. should i start feeding him pinky's?  
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08:30pm 28/06/2005
  Great news everyone. My sister found my little lost milksnake, Miki. My sister was about to take a shower, and Miki crawled out from a hiding space, which we are guessing was the bathroom laundry basket, or the vent. She was a bit skinny...her backbone was kind of prominent. So I put her in a temp. cage and gave her lots of water, which she chugged down quickly. I'm going to give her a night to settle down and I'll throw her a few pinkies tomorrow.

I am so happy she was safe...you all have no idea. Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words. I knew that if we found her, she'd find us.
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11:57pm 18/06/2005
  So I wrote in a few days ago about my snake missing. I still haven't found my dear Miki the milksnake, who was my first snake ever. :( I am really hoping that I'll just stumble across her. About 2 days before she went missing, she had a meal of 2 pinkies, which is a large meal for her, since she is a fairly small snake. (About 16 inches long and about the width of my pinkie finger) I'm not worried about her going hungry. I am worried about water, so I'm going to put out a few water dishes. How long should I wait before declaring her deceased? Do you think she'll pop up? If any of you have lost snakes and have found them, about what was the time frame?  
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11:52pm 16/06/2005
  Alrighty guys, I have a problem. My milksnake, Miki, has escaped. I know some of you know how to set up snake catching traps. I am too frantic to look through entries, so any help would be wonderful. Please help...she had a bigish meal a few days ago, so she won't go hungry.  
04:37pm 21/04/2005
  So, this morning I found my baby corn snake that I had rescued, dead. He was abused in his early life, and lived several months without food or heat due to it's previous owner. I knew that it was slim that he's survive, and it seems that his poor insides were just too damaged to live any longer.

On a better note, I went out and got myself a new snake. I purchased a lavender striped Kingsnake, and he is in his new home and very happy and warm and secure.

I feel bad about the other one dying, though. :(
Honduran milksnake. 
12:26am 14/04/2005
  Here are some pics of my Honduran milksnake, Spooky.

more picsCollapse )
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11:55am 16/01/2005
  I am very frustrated with my milk snake, Miki. This is her second bad shed. About a week ago...maybe less...I noticed that her eyes were blue and her entire body was cloudy and dull. So I immedietly started misting her a few times daily, and used ShedAid in attempt to get her to have a good shed. The last time, she shed in several small peices over a long period of time. And yesterday I pulled out her head skin (with eyecaps intact, thank god) and small peices of random skin. Not NEARLY enough to make up for her entire length. But I examined her and she looks normal again. And there doesn't seem to be any retained skin at all. So...I don't know. I'll search through her cage again and look for more peices of skin. But I don't know how else to help her shed. I keep the humidity high, and I have a towel on half of the top of the cage to help keep that humidity in. :( Help?  
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12:55am 14/01/2005
  You know what would be really freaking awesome? If you guys with your critters in sterlite (sp?) containers would post a few pictures of them with your set up for me. I'm thinking of moving my snakes and possibly dragons into those kind of containers when I move out. So, any visual would help a great deal.  
10:03pm 04/01/2005
  Does anyone else realize that corn snakes look a lot like Eastern Milk snakes?? I'm starting to wonder if I actually do have a milksnake...  
glamour shots 
02:16pm 01/01/2005
mood: scaly
Kek, our Mexican black kingsnake:

and Xipetotec, our Hondouran milksnake:

More behind cutCollapse )